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  • LDEx 2024 Development Cycle Announcement

    LDEx 2024 Development Cycle Announcement

    Hey LIMRA Data Exchange Standards adopters, gurus, and champions! We're thrilled to share the groundbreaking announcement that more than 30 of the LDEx Standards Committee Member Organizations are gearing up to develop cutting-edge 2024 integrations, harnessing the power of the #ldexstandards! 


    If you're part of one of the dynamic organizations ready to #revolutionizedataflow with the innovative industry-built #ldexstandards in the coming year, this post is for you!  Drop a comment below and let us know about your exciting plans and projects. We're eager to hear how you envision pushing the boundaries of #technology and #integration within the #workplacebenefits space.

    LDEx 2024 Development Cycle Announcement


    Feeling the buzz and wanting to connect with like-minded pioneers?  Reach out to potential industry testing partners right here on the LIMRA Data Exchange Standards Community Support Forum! Whether you're a seasoned developer or a startup with big dreams, let's collaborate, test, and elevate the workplace benefits landscape together.

    2024 is set to be a year of groundbreaking advancements, and we can't wait to see the incredible developments that emerge. The future of standardized modern data exchange is in our hands!


  • LIMRA’s Newest Enhancements to Data Exchange Standards Allow for Enrollment in All Employee Benefits

    To find out more about the newest LDEx Standards release, check out the latest from LIMRA here!
  • A New Community Forum for LDEx Standards

    LDEx logotype
    Share, learn, and collaborate by posting in this industry forum for LDEx Standards.

    As of Thanksgiving 2021, LIMRA is providing a new community forum for LDEx Standards to support your implementation questions.

    Click here to download the most recent industry released LDEx BEM Standards.

    Click here to access the LDEx BEM Industry Glossary.
  • About LIC

    LIC is the council of LOMA that serves the unique needs of small-to-midsize life insurance companies - improving performance through shared excellence.
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  • About the LIC E-News Online Community

    This LIC E-News online community is the future location of the LIC Bullet E-Newsletter. This forum will include news and editorial selected by LIC but also welcomes participation from subscribers. All Bullet subscribers, including both LIC members and nonmembers, have access to this forum.  

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