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FAQ EOIs vs. BEM Expectations

  • 1.  FAQ EOIs vs. BEM Expectations

    Posted 06-30-2022 16:15
    Edited by Michael Grudgings 08-03-2022 09:21
    I saw this come through on an email and thought it would be good to put it out here for future reference:

    "I noticed that LIMRA has a spec for EOI decisions to be communicated from carriers to benadmins, but I don't see a spec for benadmins to communicate the enrollment and demographic data required by carriers EOI systems.  I was wondering if the intent was that the BEM spec was expected to be used for this purpose or if this is simply something not yet covered by LIMRA standards."

    Any necessary health questions and their subsequent answers are intended to be passed within the BEM. The EOIS Standard is designed to facilitate a status update and provide the final decision and issued amounts back to the initiating system.

    I got a message that explains this much better so I thought I would add it. Thanks @Michael Volpe !!!!!!

    The presumptive use case is:
    1) Enrollment which is subject to EOI is passed using BEM (there is room in there for the "requested" and "approved" coverages).
    2) The carrier will receive the BEM, will determine who is required to provide EOI and will engage the applicant(s) to capture the EOI data.
    3) The decisions and status will be made available and transmitted from the carrier back to the ben admin platform using EOIS specification.


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