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  • 1.  JSON schema for older standards?

    Posted 07-12-2023 10:55
    Edited by Christoph Wienands 07-12-2023 15:57

    A partner of ours exposes an API conforming to EOIS version 1.0.2021.05.26 whereas our client implementation is currently built according to 1.0.2022.01.01. Through experimentation, we have found that the partner's API requires a lot of fields that are optional in 1.0.2022.01.01, and some of those fields are for data that is not available in our solution (meaning we can't just add those fields to satisfy the partner's API).

    Before we engage further with them, I would like to review what exactly 1.0.2021.05.26 specified and compare it against 1.0.2022.01.01. Is the 1.0.2021.05.26 spec (particularly the JSON schema) available for download somewhere? I couldn't find any link to that on this site.

    Update 6 hours later...

    Upon further research we found that the problem is primarily with the textual constraints, where fields are optional at schema-level but contain descriptions such as "Situational - where required by the Insurance Carrier", which are somewhat up to interpretation. Still, it would be great if someone could provide me with  a link to a download of the older version of the spec.

    Thank you!


    Christoph Wienands
    Senior Software Architect
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  • 2.  RE: JSON schema for older standards?

    Posted 07-13-2023 14:21


    First of all, thank you SO much for utilizing the forum to ask questions about the EOIS schema! The 05.26 version of the schema is a development only release and should not technically be used in Production. So we would prefer not to disperse that schema to any team members. With that being said, you are correct, there are very minor changes between that version and the 1.0.2022.01.01 version you are using. Specifically a description change to "InsuredCoverageEffectiveDate" and the "EmployeeIndividualTaxpayerIdentificationNumber" element was switched to optional.  Also, there is only one minor change in the 1.1 version. Which is the Suffix element is now optional. So if you want to add that small change to your platform, you can officially say you are using the latest EOIS version available which is available here LDExEvidenceOfInsurabilityStatus_1.1.2022.12.31.

    Michael J Grudgings
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